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Leader of Birmingham Perl Mongers, a CPAN author, professional lighting engineer, roadie, ligger and player of Fluxx. Have been coding Perl since 1999, working on many websites, including The Register. Heavily promoted CPAN testing over the last 2 years, and am now looking to patching rather than testing. I've spoken at several conferences and workshops, together with many presentations to various Perl and Linux technical meetings. Have attended every YAPC::Europe Perl conference, and attended (and presented at) my first YAPC::NA this year.

Part of the Birmingham Bid Committee to host YAPC::Europe::2006 in Birmingham.

A Development Manager for MessageLabs in the UK, looking after the Control/Secure/Recover team.

Speaking on...

Will be found elsewhere playing Fluxx, drinking alcohol (if not Guinness) and enjoying the food, company and Perl :)

NOTE: This wiki is open to you all. Please, be kind!