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If Portuguese beer is so bad, make us try beer from your country!

Who This BOF's open to everyone. If it's brewed in your contry, bring it!


Sometime Thursday - probably.


Bring your beer to the conference and put it in the beer BOF fridge - the details will be worked out later.


Here are the rules. To enter the BOF you must:

Who and What

I, StrayToaster, have bought three bottles (there were more...hic) for consumption, including my fave Hobson's Choice. All from the Cambridge Brewery:

I, GregMcCarroll, shall bring Super Bock to the BOF, while not local for me, its certainly one of the worlds best beers and definetly a perq of having a conference in Portugal.

I, CedricBouvier, will bring three bottles, each of different kind, colour and taste, but all brewed in "Brasserie Rouget de l'Isle", in the French Jura.

I, MiguelDuarte, will bring three bottles of Sagres, one of each kind for your drinking pleasure :) Check Sagres website at

I, LarsThegler, will bring two bottles of Brøckhouse IPA, one of my personal favorites and the 9th best beer in .dk, according to RateBeer.

I, MichaelLush, will bring 2 to 4 bottles of Hobgoblin (the exact number depends on my strength of will).

I, TinaEyre will bring 1 each of London Porter and Kew Brew

I, CasperWarming, will bring two bottles of Grauballe Honey Gold (a GF friendly special brew).

I, JohnPC, will bring 4 different bottles of beer from dutch-speaking coutries. One is a belgian beer (Leffe? I just took the first from my fridge, forgot which exactly), the others are dutch: Wiekse Witte, Texels Tripel, Hertog Jan Pilsener.

AbeTimmerman brought 3 different types from Brouwerij 't ij, according to his user profile.

I, AntonBerezin, will bring 3 bottles of pretty ordinary Danish beers.

I JonasBn, will bring two elephants

I, PatrikWallstrom, will bring a bottle of Farm Ale from Nils Oscar in Stockholm, and a beer named Stockholm.

I BrianMcCauley, have brought some random English beers.

I HiamalLlanos, bring tree swedish beers: Lungrens Lager, Nils Oscar Farm Ale and Hallands Pilsner.

We, the Norwegian delegation will bring 18 cans of Ringnes Gold.

Other Bofs

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