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Some considerations on Braga.


As expected, we use Euros. Commercial houses don't accept any other currency. You have ATM machines all over the city, in the airport, almost everywhere. They accept Maestro, VISA and a lot of other card types.


Braga is located in northern Portugal, fifty kilometres from the Atlantic sea, less then a hundred kilometres from the northern frontier with Spain. According to data from 2001, the city had about 115 thousand inhabitants in its center, and about 165 thousand overall.


Founded by the Romans, the city is over 2,000 years old (it was named Bracara Augusta). It has lots of interesting monuments and landscapes to see.

The City

Though not a huge city, Braga has a bit of everything. There are several movie theatres and shopping centres, as well as gardens and theatres. In the Summer months, a variety of shows is available throughout the city.

Located in Braga is the University of Minho which, with its over 17,000 students, make Braga one of the youngest cities of Europe.


In Portugal, we speak Portuguese. (wow)

However, the whole country is used to tourism, so you can easily find somebody who speaks English, French and other languages in the streets. You won't have any problem in hotels, airports, etc, either.


Portuguese cuisine is outstanding, presenting a wide variety of main courses and desserts.

Complete meals in the area around the university campus cost somewhere between 5 and 10 euros, or even less, if you want plastic food. There are around 20 restaurants in that vicinity, offering anything from traditional cooking to vegetarian food.

Thousands of students eat in the area during school season, so capacity shouldn't be a problem.

By night

Being a city with thousands of students, one could not expect less than 30 pubs just in the vicinity of the University :-)

This means that people wanting to hang out won't have any problem looking for a place.

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