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Here's a list of "Frequently Asked Questions":


Q: When will the recordings be available?

A: As soon as we can. We are trying to edit them to make something nicer than a raw camera recording.


Q: Does Magda have a boyfriend?

A: It depends on who's asking...


Q: Will there be WLAN coverage at the convention? Or at least an ordinary LAN with Internet access? (Little use in bringing a laptop if there isn't.)

A: Yes, there was.


Q: I keep hearing about this "Act" thing... what is that?

A: "Act - Another Conference Toolkit" is a tool for managing many of the tasks every conference has to deal with (talks, speakers, attendees, payments, etc). To register for this conference, you use Act, at

Act is being developed by Eric Cholet and Philippe Bruhat (aka BooK)


Q: Why can't I edit some of the sections in this site?

A: Because we don't know who you are :) Some sections are protected on purpose, because we don't want anyone, for instance, updating PortoAirport2Braga and give you wrong information that way. If you feel one of the protected pages should be edited, you know who we are :)


Q: Will there be access to sound equipment if one would be speaking? As in, for instance, dramatic use of music to keep the audience awake; could an iPod be plugged in? Or the audio out from a PowerBook?

A: Two of the three rooms have sound equipment. If you need sound, state that in your proposal so we can schedule you in one of these rooms.


Q: When can I leave?

A: There's no estimate of the time the conference will end yet. If you're leaving the country by airplane and you really don't want to miss a bit, you might want to consider not leaving on Friday September 2nd. Leaving only the next day will give you time to do everything calmly. If you're leaving by airplane from OPO, for instance, remember: conference to hotel, to train station, to airport still takes some time, and it's likely that you'll have to be at the airport a couple of hours before your flight, assuming it's an international one. Leaving the next day (Saturday 3rd) might be easier...


Q: When should I arrive?

A: If you don't want to miss anything, you should arrive to Braga on the 30th August, or on the 31st real early. Though it has not been decided yet, the conference will probably start around 9:00.


Q: Will there be proceedings? What about a CPAN cd, perhaps?

A: Yes, there will be proceedings. We are analyzing the possibility of the cds.


Q: Who designed the logo?

A: Nicu Buculei did, and we're deeply appreciated for it.


Q: is OPO "Porto" or "Oporto"?

A: Oporto is how people call it in English; Porto is the city name in Portuguese (just like Lisbon (EN) and Lisboa (PT)).


Q: I can't seem to find the Braga airport anywhere. Where is it?

A: There is no airport in Braga. The closest airport is OPO (Porto), less than 50 kilometers from Braga (getting from there to Braga is easy and will be detailed soon in PortoAirport2Braga).

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