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Portugal - Festivities

This section intends to be a (very incomplete) list of festivities that take place in Northern Portugal through the period July-September.

This is only meant to be an example of some festivities. If we get the conference, we'll list the events taking place around the conference dates after they're schedulled.

Romaria de Nossa Senhora da Agonia

Desfile da Mordomia: locals parade displaying beautiful costumes and traditional jewellery

Revista de Gigantones e Cabeçudos: the world of the Zés Preiras floods the streets with dozens of giants and energetic bands with huge drums and bagpipes.

Procession to the sea: having already crossed the city, the procession is taken to the sea, by boats, while bystanders watch from both margins of the river.

Monumental fireworks: on the last day, by midnight, awesome fireworks cover river Lima.

Feiras Novas

The town of Ponte de Lima has its local festivities in September

Cows, though tied with ropes, run through the town with people running beside them, in an event named "Vaca das Cordas"

The fair

Thousands of people go to the town for the festivity

Quinta da Malafaia

The Quinta da Malafaia is a farmhouse (but not the only one) specialized in traditional parties, and opens every Saturday from mid June to mid November.

2500 people eating sardines, broa (a type of corn bread) and caldo verde (among others), drinking Champarreão, Sangria and other typical drinks.

The night begins with the welcoming committee

And on it goes to sardines and broa

"Arroz de Feijão Malandro", Chicken and pork chops

Traditional dances

The traditional "farturas"

Dancing and singing

The hour of "Champarrião"

"Caldo Verde" (a typical and wonderful soup)



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