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H.Merijn Brand ( ) is an active Perl community member, known as "Tux" on IRC, who still likes to dig in the Configuration issues of Perl5.

He tries to connect all types of databases (Oracle, Unify, MySQL, Postgres, DB_File) through Perl/DBI and exports to exchangable formats: CSV, UTF-8.

We changed our planned holiday to Greece to be in Portugal. I'll be in MongersStayingAtHotelLamaĆ§Ć£es

I will be talking about Spreadsheet::Read ( )

If you have special Spreadsheet formats not supported (yet), you can mail me h dot m dot brand at xs4all dot nl with the specifications, and I can have a look if it could be supported

I'd like an XL T-Shirt.

NOTE: This wiki is open to you all. Please, be kind!