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Braga is a small city north-east of Oporto, in the northeastern part of Portugal. You can check the current weather on

Also, check Braga on Wikipedia.

It would be interesting to have some information on the likely impact of the current forest fires. Anyone have any information?

By Plane

The nearest airport is in Oporto (OPO), from which you can get to Braga by train (see PortoAirport2Braga).

Another option is to fly to Lisbon and then to Oporto (or take a train directly from LisbonAirport2Braga).

Then, you must get from Oporto to Braga.

By Train

You can come to Braga by Train. Portugal RailRoad company is CP.

There are two main entry points in Portugal by Train: Vigo or Madrid. We encourage you to use Vigo, if possible, given that the trip from Madrid to Lisbon takes a long time.

If you come from Vigo, you can go to Braga changing a train at Nine, and heading to Braga.

If you come from Madrid, to Lisbon, head to Oporto-Campanhã railstation. From there, you can head to Braga directly.

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