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Some naughty(?!) photos...

Some photos from André Ribeirinho

JJ's photos:

StrayToaster wandered about a bit:

MarkFowler is putting his photos on Flickr too:

CedricBouvier puts his on his crappy hand-made site:

And Simon Cozens uses his new gallery software:

Pedro Custódio

Barbie -

Arnaud Riess -

Nuno Monteiro -

Ema Martins -

acme -

TomHukins was a little, errrrrm, "distracted" to take photos of the conference itself, but took a few photos of Braga and the people there -

Roberto Henríquez -

JoseAlvesCastro - (you're likely to find some photos there that are not YAPC related because I haven't had the time to separate things properly yet; more information on the photos here)

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