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22 Nov 2004

Greetings :-)

The organizers of YAPC::EU::2005 would like you all to know how things are going.

Here are some details:


The dates have been settled (you probably already know that); the conference will be held from 31 August to 02 September.


The subject for the conference will be "Perl Everywhere" (that's "everywhere" as in "every area" and "every platform").

Opening Keynote:

If all goes to plan, we'll have the pleasure of having Larry Wall with us, and he will do the opening keynote for the conference.


As planned, the conference will take place in the University of Minho. Three rooms and a reasonable space between two of them have already been booked.


Conversations with possible sponsors are starting (if you want to sponsor us too, contact us).


The budget for the conference is slowly being put together. Things don't look so bad yet

Kind regards,

José and Alberto

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