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18 August 2005

Greetings :-)

The organizers of YAPC::EU::2005 would like you all to know how things are going.

This is report #16 and here are some details:

Lisbon Airport to Braga

Several people have asked for this. I've taken a few pictures of the airport and part of the path you'll have to travel.

We are now in the process of assembling everything on the Wiki. More on this soon (I hope).

Eurotux is sponsoring

Eurotux is sponsoring, which makes it a bit easier for us organizing this whole thing :-)

Eurotux is a Portuguese company with offices in Braga and a team that has has Perl as a religion O:-)

Their sponsorship will allow for a couple of special things more to happen during the conference.

News on the conference dinner

As said before, the conference dinner will take place on Thursday, 1st of September.

The price for non-attendees is 10 euros.

As said before, attendees won't have to pay.

If you're paying us by bank transfer or by cheque, you can just include 10 euros per non-attendee you're bringing to the dinner and send us an email stating that.

If not, you can pay when you register at the conference.

In any case, we'd appreciate if you'd let us know you're bringing somebody else with you, as knowing how many people are going to show up for dinner is, well... good :-)

Universitary Residence completely booked

When we first contacted the entity that takes care of the residence, we had plans to have the conference in August.

Unfortunately, too late did we discover that having the conference spreading through the beginning of September would considerably decrease the number of available rooms for us.

Thus, there are no more rooms available at the universitary residence. And no, there's no chance of anyone in a single room there switching to a double room anymore.

All of you who received our confirmation email have a room, of course, and will soon receive another email with some useful information on those facilities (how to get there, how to use them best, etc.)

Bus from the hotels to the venue

There will be at least one bus going from Hotel Turismo to the conference and back again each day.

When I say "at least one bus", I would like to stress the importance of adding your name to MongersStayingAt pages, so that we know (approximately) how many people we'll have to transport.

This bus is free of charge to you. We're paying for it and you can all use it (provided there's enough space for you to fit in, of course).

People staying in Hotel Carandá will have to walk about two minutes to get to the other hotel and thus catch the bus.

Closer to the conference we'll announce the details (schedules).

Pay early, pay... often? O:-)

OK, forget about the often part, but the thing I'd like to tell you is: if you pay before arriving to the conference, apart from the fact that we'll have your money available sooner, there's also the chance that we'll be able to move on with the registration process faster, thus saving our and yours precious time :-)

So go on, now, pay... early.

And if you pay often we won't mind either O:-)

Behind the scenes action:

And that's it for now.

As always, the organizers can be reached at

Kind regards,

Jose and Alberto

NOTE: This wiki is open to you all. Please, be kind!