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22 August 2005

Greetings :-)

The organizers of YAPC::EU::2005 would like you all to know how things are going.

This is report #17 and here are some details:

Lisbon Buses

For those of you who will have to use the Buses in Lisbon, here's a brief explanation of how they work: LisbonBuses

Lisbon Subway

For those of you who will have to use the Subway in Lisbon, here's a brief explanation of how it works: LisbonSubway

Lisbon Airport to Braga

For those of you landing in Lisbon, here's what you have to do to get to Braga: LisbonAirport2Braga

I would really appreciate if someone could read it and give mesome feedback about it. Namely, whether there's something that should be better explained of if there's some info that should be there but isn't. That's quite a page and I think I've lost myself somewhere in its creation to a point where I no longer know if there's something still missing :-)

If you still have questions regarding this, this is the right time to post them, as the day before might be too late :-)

Novis is sponsoring

Novis, a Portuguese ISP, is sponsoring YAPC, and it's thanks to Novis that there will be at least one bus doing the route "Hotel Turismo to University" and "University to Hotel Turismo" everyday. The schedules for these buses will be announced soon.

We're are very grateful to Novis for this, and I'm sure the attendees will be too, when they see how far they'd have to walk to get to the venue O:-)

Delta is sponsoring

Delta, a coffee company, is sponsoring, which means... free coffee at the conference! :-) Hurrah! :-D

Hurrah for you, at least, as I don't drink coffee :-\

The Wiki is, er... different

If you browse the Wiki, you'll notice that there are some more photos around. Some hotels now have photos, some of the parties coming from abroad...

Behind the scenes action:

And that's it for now.

As always, the organizers can be reached at

Kind regards,

Jose and Alberto

NOTE: This wiki is open to you all. Please, be kind!