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8 Mar 2005

Greetings :-)

The organizers of YAPC::EU::2005 would like you all to know how things are going.

This is report #6 and here are some details:

Pictures of the venue

We recently had another conference in one of the rooms where we'll host YAPC::EU::2005. There are some pictures from that conference at and

The reason I'm mentioning this is because you might want to have a look at the room... Oh, and you might recognize Michael Schwern as the first speaker :-)

When to get there and when to leave

People were asking when they should arrive/leave in order not to miss anything. We have answered that in our FAQ, at FAQ. Basically, we advise people to arrive at least on August 30th and to leave no sooner than September 3rd. But that's just to make sure you're not going to miss anything.

Getting from the OPO airport to Braga made easier

Getting from the OPO airport to the city of Braga will hopefully be made easier with PortoAirport2Braga. What you see there is not a final version and comments are welcome. More pictures will be added as possible.

Reports on the website

As you can see, the Site Map (SiteMap) now includes the reports we've been sending to this mailing list.

The Fishnets incident

So that everybody could understand what's up with this fishnets thing, we posted the fishnets incident on the wiki. It's at TheFishnetsIncident.

Behind the scenes action

And that's it for now.

If there's anything else you need, the organizers can be reached at

Kind regards,

Jose and Alberto

NOTE: This wiki is open to you all. Please, be kind!