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28 Mar 2005

Greetings :-)

The organizers of YAPC::EU::2005 would like you all to know how things are going.

This is report #7 and here are some details:

We have the major sponsors

As you probably noticed by the "Meet the sponsors" special report, we have our three main sponsors settled. We have much to thank them and their support will make lots of things possible (some of them you'll see before, others you'll see in Braga).

The sponsors are (no specific order): Fotango, Sapo and log.

We have a poster

The YAPC::EU::2005 poster is now available as a 1.7M pdf here (this is what you'd like to print) and as a 160K png at Poster (this is what you'd like to see if you don't want to spend too much bandwidth.

Portuguese Power Plugs

We've posted on the wiki a couple of pictures of the power plugs used in Portugal and some adaptors you may use; they're at PowerPlugs. Remember, electricity in Portugal is 220 volts (wouldn't want your laptop fried, now would we?)

More stuff from O'Reilly

We have received some more books from O'Reilly (including some copies of "Tim O'Reilly in a Nutshell"), some postcards, some copies of "Perl Success Stories" and some more material.

Morgan Kaufman's book to be signed

The "Higher Order Perl" book, by Mark Jason Dominus, from Morgan Kaufman, will be signed by the author before coming to our hands. The process has already started.

There's a YAPC in Brasil

There's a YAPC in Brasil. The organizers of the two conferences (YAPC::Brasil and YAPC::EU) are going to help each others advertising the others' conference in their own country. Hopefully, this will result in more Brasilian Perl mongers in Portugal, and vice-versa.

YAPC::Brasil will take place in June, in Porto Seguro, Brasil. Their website is at

And finally, where are you going?

Where are you going? Sure, you're going to Braga, right? But are you also going somewhere else?

Let me put it this way: if we realize that a considerable portion of you is coming to Lisbon, for instance (before or after YAPC), we might consider gathering and putting some information about that city on the webpage.

So this is what we want: if you're going to spend some time on some other city rather than Braga (a Portuguese city, hopefully), email us (or perhaps even the list, so that other people also going to the same place may get in touch with you) and we'll act accordingly.

Behind the scenes action:

And that's it for now.

If there's anything else you need, the organizers can be reached at

Kind regards,

Jose and Alberto

NOTE: This wiki is open to you all. Please, be kind!