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The Perl Debugger - quick and cheerful

RichardFoley (Unfortunately, RichardFoley can't come)

I would like to do a quick walkthrough of what the Perl Debugger can do for you. Firstly covering the simple commands to get people up to speed, and then a few slightly more advanced commands to keep people interested. Probably 30 mins or so.

I did some of this at the Austrian Perl Workshop in Vienna, and it seemed to go down well - though the audience may have other opinions...?

LetterJames - How I did it with lot's of Perl Modules


Bricolage CM - Using Perl for content publishing


Perl and UTF8


Long talk (40 min)

How to use utf8 and various encodings in Perl. This talk is an updated version of the talk given at the 2004 London Perl Workshop.

Using use

domm (Thomas Klausner)

Interacting with web servers


How to use perl to interact with web servers. (20 or 40 mins) Depending on time available, this can be either a simple example on how to use LWP::UserAgent and HTML::Parser to interact with web servers (logging, cookie handling, etc), up to how to present the results as web services / interact with web services using SOAP modules.

Logging for fun and profit (and easy debbuging)


How to use perl modules to easily maintain logging functionalities on your scripts.(20 mins) Practical examples of using log4perl as a centralized logging tool.

Perl Everywhere: From the Bible to Necronomicon (and beyond)


Processing RTF with Perl


20m look at the state of Perl/RTF interaction. Brief overview of RTF, looks at the CPAN RTF modules, and some small example programs. Anyone interested?

PHP for Perl Programmers


A short but biased overview on what perl programmers should be aware off when programming in PHP. This talk will mostly be based on my own experiences while experimenting heavily with PHP.

"Wyt ti'n medru siarad Saesneg?" And Why You Need A Phrasebook


Protecting your applications with the DNS


Tangram T-3: Building Object Persistence (and more)


Object-Oriented Unit Testing with PerlUnit


Perl vs Korn Shell: 1 - 1


Mathematical Expression Handling With Perl


Perl In Secure Web Development


rrdtool to the rescue


Using Perl to handle projects in other Languages (PHP)


(20 Mins)

I have developed some small tools in Perl based on CPAN modules to handle my Projects in PHP, so the development has a more Perl like feel to it, I would like to do a presentation of these tools etc,

Beyond parsing, transduction

Theo van den Heuvel

Stealing CPAN

Simon Wistow

(?? Mins)

At the special effects company where I work we use a bewildering number of different languages under the philosophy "I don't care what it's done in, just get the film done before the premiere". Development was a mess. So I implemented a CPAN-a-like. For 20 odd languages.

This is what I learnt.

CGI::Forge - Integrated Web development framework

Franck Porcher, Ph.D []

GALA: General Accounting as a Language API

Franck Porcher,Ph.D []

Spreadsheet::Read - Give yourself a uniform interface to all the spreadsheets you want to work with


Packaging Perl Applications

Ivor Williams

OpenGuides - coming to a city near _you_

Ivor Williams

The Decline of Perl?


Short Talk (20 min)

Is Perl on the decline? Sometimes it seems that there are fewer Perl jobs this year than there were last year and that even on popular Perl mailing lists the topic of conversation isn't really Perl. Are we seeing a move towards being more concerned about the things we can produce rather than the tools we use to produce them? Or is Perl really everywhere and we just don't feel the need to talk about it as much?

This talk would cover some of things I have been thinking about regarding Perl in the last year.

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