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The Fishnets Incident

It all started in September 2004, at YAPC::EU::2004, in Belfast.

First, a bit of context: this conference has t-shirts; atendees get a t-shirt of a given color while the organizers get one from a different color. Also, by the end of the conference, there's an auction.

Last year, in the beginning of the auction, somebody came to us and said: "Would you like to do something stupid, like I did two years ago?"

What had he done? He had auctioned the color for the organizers' t-shirt color in Paris, 2003.

Why was that a stupid thing to do? Because pink won.

We ended up deciding to auction the color, but stating that pink wouldn't be allowed.

It started.

Black! Orange! White! Fishnets!!!




Come again?


But, but, but... fishnets isn't a color!!!

Guess who had bid for fishnets? Yep, the same guy who talked us into it.

By the end of the auction, there were two groups of people bidding together. One for orange:

the other for fishnets:

One last bid was called from each side... Guess who won.



So apparently we were doomed to wear fishnets during the conference.

Somebody asked: "Will there be girls in the organization?" I answered: "Not anymore, I think."

Luckily, people tend to agree that we're not forced to wear those fishnets, because we were auctioning a color, and fishnets is not a color. People also seem to agree, however, that we should include some sort of net in our outfits... we'll look into it.

Meanwhile, the decision on the atendees' t-shirt was left to us...


Muahahahahahah!!!!! >:-D

OK, we're not going to punish everybody just for a couple of guys :-) We asked the president of the YEF, and he told us that there is no rule stating that all the atendees must have the same t-shirt... this means we can give regular t-shirts to regular atendees and... something special for just some guys...

And we do know who those guys are, don't we? ;-)

See you in Braga :-)

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