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Tuesday Night:

Pre-Conference BOF - Check out                                                                                                
the PreConferenceBOF page on this Wiki for                                                                    
details, but some people will get together after dinner, from                                                                 
21:30 onwards, at the Tribuna (check it at                                                                                        

People can also assemble in groups at 19:00 at each of Hotel                                                                  
Lamaçães, Hotel Turismo and Hotel Carandá to go out for dinner                                                          
in groups. Those who left their homes later will have                                                                         
(hopefully) more details regarding where to eat.                                                                              


08:45 - A bus will leave Hotel Turismo and take whoever's on                                                                  
        it to the Venue; somebody from the organization should                                                                
        be around, just search for a YAPC poster or something :-)                                                             

        It should be a blue bus, but I can't promise you that.                                                                
        The bus company is called TUB, so that should be                                                                      
        written on it.                                                                                                        


        Look, you just can't miss it: In front of Hotel                                                                       
        Turismo, Blue, TUB, YAPC, lots of geeks around it :-)                                                                 

        Don't wait 'til 08:45 to get out of the Hotel. That's                                                                 
        the time at which the bus will *leave*                                                                                

08:55 - Bus arrives to the Venue                                                                                              

09:00 - Building opens (we're trying to get it to open about                                                                  
        10 minutes before, but we're still unsure about that;                                                                 
        the next two days the building will open 1 hour                                                                       

09:01 - Everybody gets in really, really quick, proceeds to                                                                   
        the Fotango room, sits down and waits                                                                                 

09:05 or as soon as everybody's seated - YAPC::EU::2005 starts                                                                

Further details will be announced then.

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